10 Best Princess Gifts for 6 Years Old

princess gifts for 6 year olds

There’s a large collection of Princess gifts available online and in your near toys store. However, the toys which come under this list depend on the age of your child. The best princess gifts for 6 years old are those which are not only fun for your child in playing with but also intrigues some level of creativity and learning in them as well.

Now that’s for toys in general. However, we’re talking about gifts here which are meant to be presented to your child on some kind of a special occasion, like their birthday, Easter, Christmas, etc. or a gift in general. In either way you’d, it’d be a surprise for your child to know what they’re getting as a gift. Thus making it special yet useful and worthy is the obligation of Parents.

To simply make it simple for parents, we have gathered a list of the best princess gifts for your 6 years old, listing their pros/cons, useful features, and price so you can make the finest choice for your child.

Best Princess Gifts for 6 Years Old to Buy in 2020

1. Pretend Makeup Girls Cosmetic Toys 

Pretend Makeup Girls Cosmetic Toys

  • Eco-friendly EVA foam and non-toxic ABS plastics

  • UV400 Sunglasses protect your children from UV rays

  • Fashion PU handbag with adjustable shoulder straps
  • UV400 Sunglasses protection
  • Easy to grab handbag for carrying all items
  • Cons
  • Glitter on some of the products comes off
  • Children love to copy adults no matter if it’s in terms of dressing like them or doing makeup in their style. The Fake Make up Kit Pretend Makeup Set completely satisfies that need of your little girl.

    As the name of the product shows, it’s not a real make upset. It’s made up of EVA foam that is eco-friendly and also comes in various colors. Also, it includes non-toxic ABS plastics thus it cannot be applied to the skin for real.

    The cute little makeup set comes with a total of 10 pieces that your child can play with in her own unique way. This includes; a unicorn bracelet, colorful lipstick, attractive shades, lip gloss, eye shadows, and many more.

    The makeup kit also comes with a fashion PU handbag having an adjustable shoulder strap. The choice of colors for each of the items in the kit is funky and creative. Thus your child can dive deep into her fantasy and imagination while playing with it.

    2. Foxprint Princess Castle Play Tent 

    Foxprint Princess Castle Play Tent

    • Enhances creativity and imagination

    • Quick and easy to assemble & sets up in seconds

    • Pop it up and insert support rods for additional stability
  • Made up of durable Polyester
  • Easy to connect and assemble
  • Cons
  • The rods are comparatively fragile
  • If your child is in love with the princess characters she watches on TV, there’s no way that she doesn’t like castles. And if that is the case, you as parents won’t find any better princess gift idea than the Princess Castle Play Tent with Large Star Lights.

    This large-sized light pink colored castle play tent comes with big lights that enlighten the whole tent inside out. Your 6 years old child being under this tent can play, relax, have fun, or even sleep comfortably due to its wide space.

    Space is in fact wide enough for you to join your child inside the tent and spend time together, read books together, play dress up games or solve puzzles. Talking about the quality of the material, this beautiful looking castle tent isn’t fragile at all.

    It’s made up of high-quality durable Polyester which ensures that nothing dislocates or breaks easily. Setting up the entire tent isn’t a tough job either.

    The castle comes with a user manual for you to assemble and align each element in the right manner so the tent stands perfectly. Thus connecting the rods and the body of the tent along with other assembling tasks will not take any longer than a few minutes of yours.

    3. Toiijoy Girls Dress Up Princess Costume Set 

    Toiijoy Girls Dress Up Princess Costume Set

    • 100% polyerter made with well sewing

    • Soft fabric, super comfortable to wear

    • Five complete outfits with enough accessories
  • Pieces are easy to get on and off
  • 100% polyester & durable quality
  • Cons
  • Velcro on the bag snags the cheap fabric
  • Dressing up like a princess is one of the most common desires of almost every young girl. That’s exactly why children of that age like bright colors most of the time as it serves them a royal feeling. The Toiijoy Girls Dress up Costume Set Princess is a costume set specially made to fulfill your child’s desire of looking like a princess.

    This set comes with 5 complete princesses dress-up costumes with some additional accessories. Each outfit resonates with a different character and your child can become a princess, fairy, mermaid, bride, or a pop star by choosing any one of them to wear.

    All of the costumes are made with 100% polyester which gives them a much durable quality. Also the fabric it’s made in is highly soft and thus extremely comfortable for your children to wear. As a whole, the entire set comes in 19 pieces which apart from the outfits include; fairy wings, a headband, a beautiful veil, a stunning pair of shoes, small cute gloves, and even a pop-star microphone.

    The number of items Toiijoy Girls Dress up Princess Costume Set brings is in fact enough for a group of girls to play. Thus your child can even invite her friends to be part of her imaginary tales.

    4. Unicorn Costume for Girls Dress Up 

    Unicorn Costume for Girls Dress Up

    • The two ribbons tie the dress around the neck

    • The top is lined with a silk-like fabric

    • A Unicorn headband ,a dress with pastel color tulle
  • Made of 100% polyester with some elasticity
  • 100% handmade Strips tulle
  • Cons
  • Little Itchy material used on the shoulders side
  • A child under the age of 6 would never be turned off with a princess dress. Especially when it’s way more than an average princess dress; a shining and colorful Unicorn costume.

    Having this costume is the dream of every little girl and as parents, it should make you excited since it can be worn over a birthday party, on Halloween, or a personal dress-up party.

    The outfit is made up of polyester and along with an overall white color; it’s enriched with some light lovely colors that add up to its beauty tremendously. Apart from this it also includes a cute 100% headband with a unicorn on top of it. Talking about the material and quality of the fabric, the costume is very soft.

    The top is edged with a silk-like material and has an elastic yet very fit for the child. Other things like Strips tulle attached on the dress, with their 100% handmade quality, add incredible and unique value to the princess dress.

    5. Kids Makeup Kit – Girl Pretend Play Makeup

    Kids Makeup Kit - Girl Pretend Play Makeup

    • Non toxic ABS plastics and EVA foam with rounded edges

    • ASTM and CPC certificated Toddlers Makeup Kit

    • Won’t transfer onto the skin or any material
  • Made with eco-friendly non-toxic ABS plastics
  • All accessories can be stored inside the purse
  • Cons
  • Some of the accessories are fragile
  • There’s hardly a little girl that is not fascinated by make-up products. That sounds like a nice princess gift idea as well. However traditional makeup should only be applied under an adult’s supervision, so what’s the alternative? A pretend today makeup kit which your child can play and pretend makeup with all the time.

    The makeup set as a whole includes a toy lipstick, lip gloss, blusher, eye-shadow, makeup brushes. Other than the makeup products the set also includes other accessories like a cute pink colored handbag with a heart designed on it, an electronic mobile phone, and a debit card.

    Choosing this girl to pretend to play makeup kit as a princess gift for your 6-year-old will also save you some cost over real cosmetics. Your child can play with this kit and the accessories that come along for hours. None of the makeup from this set will apply or harm the skin of your child in any manner. In fact, it promotes creative play and some nice grooming habits in your child.

    Talking about the material of the makeup set accessories all of them are made from ABS plastics (non-toxic) and EVA foam. Apart from this, the edges of all the makeup accessories and additional accessories are rounded so your child doesn’t accidentally injure themselves. With all these realistic yet pretending toys, your child can unleash new levels of thoughtful fun.

    6. Melissa & Doug Storybook Friends Hand Puppets

    Melissa & Doug Storybook Friends Hand Puppets

    • Kids learn motor skills and hand-eye coordination

    • Made from soft-stuffed plush material that encourages cuddle time

    • Made to nurture your child’s minds and hearts
  • Made up of soft material quality
  • Fits both on children & adult’s hands
  • Cons
  • The Puppets are made in a thin shape
  • Puppets have also been interesting to children since they find better interactivity in them than any other simple toy. One of the best choices you have as a princess gift is the Melissa & Doug Storybook Friends Hand Puppets set. The set contains a total of 4 puppets divided into various characters such as; a princess, fairy, mermaid, and ballerina.

    Also, all these puppies are made from very soft and fuzzy stuffed material which urges the child to cuddle them as well as make it easier to wash and clean. Also, these puppies are meant to instill various skillset in your child.

    For example, fitting on the hand of your little one and playing with them, pretending them to speak and interact, not only improves the hand and eye coordination of your child but also adds to their communication and creative thinking.

    Your child can easily dive into the depth of imaginative play with the Melissa & Doug Storybook Friends Hand Puppets where they can have fun within their own fantasies.

    7. Party Chili Princess Costume – Birthday Party Dress Up

    Party Chili Princess Costume - Birthday Party Dress Up

    • Includes dress,tiara,wand,wig,gloves.

    • Rich accessories, your little princess will love it

    • Great for special occasions parties such as halloween
  • Made of quality non-itchy fabric
  • Comes with a 2 layers fluffy skirt
  • Cons
  • Cape is usually extra-long for 6 years old
  • Nothing sounds better than turning your 6-year old into a complete princess. With the Party Chili Princess Costume, it’s totally possible to give your child an attractive look of a princess.

    Apart from the dress, the whole costume includes multiple accessories that add to its overall value and beauty. The things you get in the package are; a cute and incredibly beautiful sky-blue colored princess dress, a highly attractive princess tiara, an elegant looking wand, and royal gloves as well.

    Discussing the material of the costume and the accessories that come along, they’re made from non-itchy and comfortable fabric which makes it easier for your children to dress-up for any particular occasion and still be totally relaxed at the same time.

    It can be worn on many occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays and any other holiday or event as well. Some customers have mentioned that the fabric isn’t as durable as they expected but still majority of the consumers say they’re satisfied with what they got.

    8. 3D Puzzle Princess Castle Game for Girls

    3D Puzzle Princess Castle Game for Girls

    • 84 pieces simply punch out of the stencil

    • Stands 10.2 x 7.5 x 16.5 inches and comes with accessories

    • Once built, this Princess Castle becomes a terrific toy
  • No glue or scissors needed
  • Once built, the castle can be played with as a toy
  • Cons
  • Child under 6 might need some help from adults to solve
  • One of the biggest concerns parents have nowadays is their children spending way too much time in front of screens. In fact, they hardly see them participate in any activity other than digital. If that is the case with you, this 3D Puzzle Princess Castle is the best thing you can choose for your child.

    This princess castle puzzle is built for your children to improve their hand and eye coordination and develop some good problem-solving skills in them. The castle puzzle set comes with a pictographic of how the assembled castle should look like.

    There’s nothing extra (like glue or scissors) that your child would need to solve the puzzle. As a whole it comes in 84 pieces which can simply be punched out of the stencil and the castle can stand perfect by slotting the pieces by matching their numbers.

    Usually, children older than 6 years can easily solve the puzzle and in most cases, 6 years old need some guidance from adults. However if the family is participating in the play with the child, they can the skill of reasoning way faster. Another great thing about this product is that once the castle is built it’s also a great toy in itself for your child to have some imaginative play.

    9. 6th Birthday Tiara and Sash

    6th Birthday Tiara and Sash

    • 100% eco-friendly alloy metal

    • Dimension: 5.12” on the front side

    • Perfect use for girl’s 6th birthday party supplies
  • Comes full of crystals and rhinestones
  • Its material is anti-allergic and free of nickel
  • Cons
  • A few parents complained that its jewels fell out
  • What’d be better than a special 6th Birthday Tiara for your child turning 6 years old soon? 6th Birthday Tiara and Sash is a cute metal made tiara with an elegant design that comes with an attractive pink colored satin sash with; “It’s my 6th Birthday” written on it.

    The tiara/crown is made with alloy metal, it is 100% eco-friendly, comes full of crystals and rhinestones. Also, it’s anti-allergic and free of nickel. Both the tiara and the sash make your child feel special with the number of years mentioned on them.

    Talking about the Tiara, it’s been said to be sturdy and doesn’t easily break even if comes onto the ground. For a six-year-old, the size is usually the best fit with some small margin. The Tiara and Sash both come in different birthday numbers and a wide range of colors such as gold, silver, and especially pink or blue for a boy or girl.

    10. Wonder Forge Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game

    Wonder Forge Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game

    • Easy to understand instructions

    • Helps preschoolers practice their focus & memory

    • Ceate wholesome family moments and lasting memories
  • Made up of high-quality material and is durable.
  • Promotes critical thinking in children.
  • Cons
  • Cupcakes feel small compared to pictures
  • Party plays are enjoyed by both boys and girls at a young age. Sitting with their age fellows, friends, or Parents on a table and enjoying as if it’s a planned party is all they want.  The Wonder Forge Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game provides the best game experience in this regard.

    The whole set comes with around 40 cupcake parts, a total of 15 game titles, and 10 recipe cards to increase the fun even more. The design of the cupcakes is incredibly close to how real cupcakes actually look like. Also, the material it’s made from is of high quality and presents higher durability. So your children can be indecent at times and still you won’t have to worry that much about the game.

    As a game, it’s pretty easy to understand and your little child can easily comprehend everything in it. If you as parents also play with your child over this game often, it can help you develop a strong parent-child relationship bond.

    Apart from this, the Wonder Forge Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game develops critical thinking in your child. The same kinds of activities are often encouraged in the pre-school as well. So with this game, your child could be having fun and learning at the same time.


    We’ve listed a wide range of princess gifts for 6 years old, however, what your child likes the best totally depends on her own unique personality. What you as parents need to look at when determining the right princess for your child is what are their hobbies and things they enjoy spending time with.

    Apart from just the preferences of your child you also have to look at the toy or gift you’re presenting to her and judge if it’s going to contribute to her physical or mental capabilities in any way.

    From increasing hand-eye coordination to developing good problem-solving skills at a young age all this is valuable for the child. And as parents, you have to ensure they acquire those skills.


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