10 Best Princess Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old

Princess Gift Ideas for 5 Year Olds

Girls are crazy for princess related gifts and age doesn’t matter in this regard. Especially to the younger ones the prettier dresses, the appealing cuteness having their own beautiful kingdom and the desire of a princess’ lifestyle attracts. Thus you’ll always find plenty of princess gifts in most of the little girl’s room.

Parents are always looking for princess gift ideas for 5-year-old daughters. However, in most cases, their 5-year-old doesn’t love what they bought for her. Lack of toys knowledge of course plays in.

Considering that fact, we’ve gathered a list of the most epic and widely loved princess gift ideas for 5-year-old daughters. You can not only take inspiration from these gift ideas but in fact, can go ahead and get any of them in a click.

Best Princess Gift Ideas for 5-Year-Old to Buy in 2020

1. Melissa & Doug Abby & Emma Magnetic Dress-Up

Melissa & Doug Abby & Emma Magnetic Dress-Up

  • Includes 55+ pieces, along with 2 magnetic dolls

  • Makes an exceptional gift for kids ages 3 to 6 years

  • This Dress-Up Set is a two-in-one pretend play set
  • Multiple accessories options
  • Enhances creativity in children
  • Excellent work on details and colors
  • Cons
  • No cover on the storage
  • No carrying case
  • A simple yet cute toy to start with. Melissa & Doug magnetic dress-up dolls first and foremost have magnetic dolls along with their doll stand. It includes a lot of creative features your child would not only enjoy but also will develop specific skills from.

    The magnetic dress-up set usually comes with various clothing & accessories options. Your 5-year-old child would be able to change the look of the dolls as she needs. It comprises 2 playsets in 1 and the customization options with respect to colors, outfit, and overall accessories bring many hours of engaging play for your child. Melissa & Doug Abby & Emma Magnetic Dress-Up dolls contain 56 pieces of magnetic clothing combined.

    A big benefit of these playful magnetic dolls is that it invokes creativity in your younger children. Especially children around 5 years of age learn by exploring different color schemes and trying various outfits on their dolls to learn better hand-eye coordination, understand patterns, and thus develop themselves more creative.

    The engagement and playtime with this specific princess toy is way higher from children. That is why it’s widely chosen by parents as a gift for their daughters across the world. You can ask your daughter to dress Abby and Emma and ask them where their dolls are planning to visit. And they’ll be in their own world of fun onwards.

    2. Magiclip Fairytale Wedding Collection

    Magiclip Fairytale Wedding Collection

    • Includes 3 Easy to Dress MagiClip fashions!

    • 3 Royal Weddings all-in-one

    • Girls will love to recreate their favorite fairytale moments
  • No small parts to lose
  • Easy to change dresses
  • Made up of quality material
  • Cons
  • Veils are not firmly attached
  • Prince dolls are often imbalanced
  • Magiclip Fairytale Wedding Collection is one of the most popular wedding dolls collections among children. Little girls and boys are both fonds of playing wedding scenes with these dolls. In the whole Magiclip Fairytale Wedding Collection, there are three royal couples. The doll pairs can be described as; Ariel and Prince Eric dolls, Cinderella and Prince Charming dolls, and Rapunzel and Eugene dolls.

    Princesses are dressed in beautiful multicolored MagiClip wedding gowns while the Princes are wearing attires based on their movie character’s clothing. Having the Disney characters your 5-year-olds saw in animated movies and cartoons in their hands, your children can recreate their moments with their imagination in their play.

    The Princesses also come with an adorable bouquet of flowers in their hands and look completely ready for their weddings. The MagiClip on their dresses is of good quality and keeps its attachment with the dolls for a longer time.

    Overall the size of all the dolls is the most appropriate for 5-year-olds or younger ones. Also, the whole set weighs only 12.8 ounces and has product dimensions of 16 x 2.5 x 7 inches which makes it very comfortable for young children to play with it freely.

    3. Glitter Glider Castle Playset

    Glitter Glider Castle Playset

    • Includes gliding Cinderella doll and Gus figure

    • Features ballroom dance floor that spins upon simple activation

    • Girls can re-arrange castle rooms and collect and connect
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wide area & various sections
  • Customizable into many forms
  • Cons
  • Plastic used is a little soft
  • Comes with just one doll
  • Glitter Glider Castle Playset is a customizable playset of Disney Princesses Characters especially built for children of younger ages. What the play-set contains primarily is a castle with slides for your children to slide or glide their characters here and there. The castle also has a ballroom dance floor down at the bottom of the slide which activates and starts spinning very easily.

    Additional castle accessories include a dining room table and also have a princess vanity and bed. Having all these different areas in the castle already makes it look interesting to your child.  Your child can do so many things with gliding, sliding, and dining the princess. When it comes to Disney characters, the paly-set includes Cindrella and sidekick mouse Gus as well, thus your child really gets the feel of the animated movie out of those characters.

    Moreover what really enhances the beauty and fun for the play-set is that it can be customized in many different forms. Your child can re-arrange the castle from one orientation to another, connecting rooms and slides with various areas to expand the kingdom on the play-set.

    Being a part of the Flip ‘n Switch play line, the set can be made pretty big and wide by adding more play-sets from the same series. It would also bring additional Disney Princess characters for the children to play with.

    4. Prince Charming ~12″ Doll – Disney Princess Classic Doll Collection

    Prince Charming ~12

    • Come as various Disney characters which children love

    • Plastic used in their production is of the best standard

    • Pretty easy to be handled by a 5 year old
  • Good quality and well-made dolls
  • Doll’s look is identical to movie
  • Cons
  • Mask of the beast doll is irremovable
  • Prince charmin 12″Classic Doll is one of the best Prince dolls for children either as single or as a collection pack. These dolls come as various Disney characters which children love. The characters range is very wide and diverse. These dolls comes as; Prince Eric, Flynn Rider, The Beast, Prince Charming, The Prince, Prince Phillip and even Prince Ali Ababa (Aladdin). The look of the doll can vary as it comes in various movie attires.

    The quality of all these dolls in the collection is superior. The plastic used in their production is of the best standard which makes these dolls durable. You can collect an entire collection having 10 Prince Dolls allow your little child to play with whatever character they like the most. Being 12 inches in size these dolls are pretty easy to be handled by a 5 year old or even a younger child.

    Just like majority of quality dolls, every doll in this collection is poseable. Your child can express their creativity however they like while having these dolls in their hands. One special benefit of them being based on characters is that your 5 year old can connect with them emotionally since character wise the dolls aren’t new to him.

    This allows them to make correlations with different characters, let’s say Aladdin, in their mind and it helps their mind capabilities getting enhanced.

    5. Princess Royal Doll Collection

    Princess Royal Doll Collection

    • 11 pairs of shoes for dolls included

    • Includes 12 dolls in 1 pack for a complete doll collection

    • Doll set includes signature dresses and accessories
  • Fine work on the details
  • Balanced shapes for all dolls
  • Cons
  • Stringy hair of some dolls
  • Lightweight plastic used
  • If there’s one toy that interests even adult women, let alone children under 5, it’s Princess Royal Doll Collection. All the dolls in the entire collection are based on various Disney characters which your children are very familiar with. The wide range of characters which these dolls come in is; Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Rapunzel, and Snow White.

    Plenty of Princess royal dolls comes in signature dresses & looks. When it comes to their footwear, the set comes with 11 pairs of shoes each one in different colors. Other than that we get several other fashion accessories like headbands, necklaces & belts to enhance the beauty of the dolls.

    Apart from children a lot of moms believe that these Princess royal dolls collection set is the perfect Princess gift idea for a 5-year-old. One specific reason for this is the price for this entire set since it’s very inexpensive while the standard of the dolls themselves isn’t bad. Although the plastic of it lacks the typical Barbie doll feel but still the details it has on various features are what makes it great.

    At the same time, there are some issues pointed out by a few buyers saying that brushing the hair of these dolls isn’t easy. While others at the same time claimed that the accuracy and details, with which the dolls were crafted to make them match their respective characters, was admirable.

    6. Three-Foot Tall Royal Dreams Castle

    Three-Foot Tall Royal Dreams Castle

    • 4 furnished rooms and 19 fun accessories

    • Includes castle, 19 accessories, and instructions

    • 3 feet tall & comes with a Magic carpet elevator ride
  • Simple and easy to assemble
  • Elements linked to all the princesses
  • Perfectly aligned to Disney theme
  • Cons
  • Fewer furniture items
  • Thin plastic and feels a bit flimsy
  • Three-Foot Tall Royal Dreams Castle is one appealing castle set for children. One of the reasons children love this castle is because of its big size and astonishing look. As the product’s name suggests, this castle is 3 feet tall and has about 4 rooms in total and each one of that room is designed around the theme of one of the Princess. Children love the rooms decorated in accordance to their favorite Disney characters. This correspondence of themes with characters makes this castle unique.

    The Three-Foot Tall Royal Dreams Castle makes a perfect combination with the children’s favorite Disney characters like Cinderella, Aurora, Rapunzel, Ariel, and Belle. Also, the castle brings around 19 accessories with it which includes a bathtub, kitchen utensils, dressing cub board, kettle, and even shampoo bottle and soap.

    The castle set is designed in a way that your child can put the doll on any floor on their own. It also comes with a carpet elevator that the doll can sit and travel on within the castle. By lifting the handle of the elevator up and then letting it glide down, your child can play moving the dolls to various floors.

    Even though the size of the tall royal dreams castle is large compared to other castle sets, it’s still compatible with children under the age of 5. The reason is its lightweight which allows children to carry it with ease.

    7. Princess Castle Tent with Large Star Lights String

    Princess Castle Tent with Large Star Lights String

    • Contains the user-friendly step by step manual

    • Even a grown-up can fit inside this beautiful playhouse tent

    • Engage them into creative and imaginative pretend play
  • Simple and easy to assemble
  • Good quality material used
  • Cons
  • Require a separate matching rug
  • Princess Castle Tent is a gift idea that will give your child something beyond what dolls and castles can give to your child. This tent comes with large bright star lights which significantly add up to its beauty.

    One of the best features of this castle tent is that it’s extremely easy to assemble it. The tent comes with a carry bag, strong poles, connectors, lights, and a complete step-by-step manual with all the instructions to set it up.

    This tent can be fun for your child in various means. Having it ready, you along with your child can play games in it, read books together, relax after a tough day and so much more. It can be a go-to place for your child where they can be peaceful and positive.

    Talking about the material this tent is made with durable polyester. Also because of the easy assembling process, cleaning it is really easy and simple. Placing it in her bedroom will indirectly make your daughter be more imaginative and creative in her thoughts.

    8. Meland Princess Dress Up Shoes and Jewelry Boutique

    Meland Princess Dress Up Shoes and Jewelry Boutique

    • Includes 4 pairs of toddler girl sized princess heels shoes

    • Attractive Looking, Easy Carry & Decent Storage Case

    • Cultivate the habit of children to storage
  • Decent quality for the price
  • Comes with a protective storage box
  • Cons
  • Earrings don’t hold on ears properly
  • Some accessories come of
  • This one is listed among the best of all princess gifts. The reason is that this one offers a head to toe complete role play package for princess. The package may seem to be a small one, but it has a lot to offer. As a whole, it includes toddler sized princess shoes, gloves, crown, rings, necklaces, bangles and earrings as well. This set can fulfill a desire every child obsessed with princesses have which is to be a princess herself. Children dream of looking like their favorite characters like princesses and this set ensures your little princess looks like one.

    With the perfect size of all the accessories, it fits nearly all children around the age of 3-6 years. This set will help your child unleash their creativity by dressing up in unique ways and blending various accessories to discover new looks.

    Along with the several sets of all accessories, there comes a storage case as well which allows your child to keep all the material safe and secure when it’s done playing.

    One of the best occasions for your daughter to wear this set is at her birthday party. That is a day when she needs to feel special and Meland Princess Dress Up Shoes and Jewelry Boutique will cover that need making your child glow and shine like a real princess.

    9. Disney Princess Ralph Breaks The Internet Movie Dolls

    Disney Princess Ralph Breaks The Internet Movie Dolls

    • 14 outfits, 12 pairs of shoes, and 20 movie-inspired accessories

    • Princess dolls inspired by Disney’s “Ralph Breaks the Internet”

    • Totally compatible for children under the age of 5
  • Details work done on the faces.
  • Dolls look similar to their respective characters.
  • Cons
  • Comes in low-quality packaging
  • Some dolls are feeble in plastic
  • If your child is obsessed with watching Disney cartoons and loves its various characters like crazy, the Disney Princess Ralph Breaks The Internet Movie Dolls is the answer for you. This one set contains 14 dolls which are based on Disney movie “Ralph breaks the Internet like”; Merida, Moana, Mulan, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Anna, Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Elsa, Jasmine, snow-white, and Tiana, etc. This not only gives your child its favorite Disney Princess doll but also presents a wide variety of them so your child can’t be bored easily.

    All dolls come in their character-specific attires along with multiple accessories. With 20 movie relevant accessories, 12 pairs of removable shoes, 14 different outfits’ the set becomes a whole fun package. The whole collection comes with a total of 11 pairs of shoes for these dolls.

    Talking about the size and dimensions of this collection, it’s 8 x 14 x 12.13 inches while its weight is around 4.34 pounds. This makes it totally compatible with children under the age of 5.

    Most of these dolls are of the same size with the exception of a few being slightly smaller or taller in size. In most cases, the customers are noted to be satisfied with the quality of all the dolls in the collection. The best occasion to gift the Disney Princess Ralph Breaks The Internet Movie Dolls to your child is your child’s birthday.

    10. Disney Moana Adventure Doll, 14″

    Disney Moana Adventure Doll

    • Moana is dressed in her iconic outfit from the film

    • Includes a wear & share flower hair clip that you can wear too

    • Necklace and accessories to match
  • Clothes are cleanly stitched
  • Clothes are changeable with other dolls
  • Hairs are soft and easy to comb
  • Cons
  • Hard movements in arms and legs
  • Hard to get the doll out of the package
  • Disney Moana Adventure Doll is another great option for you to choose for your child if they’re crazy about Disney and love it’s favorite movie character Moanna. Dressed in her theme outfit, the doll is 14 inches in size and entirely resembles the original character. The doll comes with an adorable necklace, some small accessories, and a wear and share hairclip which even your child can wear as well.

    What makes this doll better is the detailed work done on it. It’s well made from the structure’s point of view. For example, it has joint movement in shoulders, neck, and hips. Also, the doll comes wearing a colorful and removable anklet.

    Talking about her hair, they’re long and touch her waist in the form of waves. Also because of the length, her hair can be combed to at least simple hairstyles such as braids.

    Since this doll doesn’t come with a lot of outfit options it’s not a dress-up doll. Also, her hair is sensitive to soap so playing with her in a bathtub will not be a good idea either.  Just like any other doll, Disney Moana Adventure Doll comes with some drawbacks however it’s still an incredible choice for your 5-year-old if their a fan of Disney.


    Having so many options as princess gift ideas for your 5-year-old can be confusing for you as a parent. After all, you want the best thing for your child. However, what’s important here is to understand that every child is fascinated by different characters and toys.

    The gifts which you think all children love might not be a good fit. The gift ideas you thought just aren’t going to work is maybe their favorite. It comes down to your own child and what do they like.

    It’s not that hard to find which characters or dolls do your child talks about the most. Go for that one specific toy or buy the full set and see them jump with happiness. Whatever you pick, pick by putting yourself in your child’s shoes!


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