10 Best Dollhouses for Adults

Dollhouses for adults

Finding the best dollhouses for adults won’t be an easy task unless you have a good eye for detail and a fantastic taste in style.

Of course, adults don’t buy dollhouses for the same reason as children. The dollhouses for adults are purchased as a piece of decoration in their homes, offices, or anywhere else. And of course, if you’ve got a family, your children will make great use of them.

Apart from appearance, there’s a lot that goes into choosing the best dollhouse for yourself as an adult.

The abundance of options available makes it hard for you to choose your ideal dollhouse. Think about it for a second, do you want a wooden dollhouse or a plastic one, an unfinished dollhouse or the one that’s packed with furniture; do you prefer beauty or the features? All these factors impact your buying decision when it comes to the choice.

Best Dollhouses for Adults to Buy in 2020

We’ve made it easy and simple for you. Find a complete list of the best dollhouses for adults with each factor listed and compared with pros/cons.

1. Robotime Dollhouse Kit Miniature DIY Library House

Robotime Dollhouse Kit Miniature DIY Library House

  • Miniature scale of about 1:24

  • English Assembly Instructions with detailed illustration

  • Come with rush,Tweezers and some other little tools for assembling
  • Incredibly realistic in the look as a dollhouse
  • Pieces are made from quality material
  • Cons
  • The assembling process takes around 20 hours
  • Requires accurate cutting of small pieces
  • The Robotime Dollhouse Kit is an incredibly well-built library house that pretty much gives the feel of a real library. Thanks to the manufacturer’s attention to detail, the look of this dollhouse is as realistic as beautiful. It has about 1:24 of a miniature scale and is totally eco-friendly.

    The dollhouse comes with a lot of books placed in the cupboards and on the table. Other than that there’s one ladder standing along with a red-colored sofa chair. And the most elegant of all, there are lights hanging from the roof. Turing these lights on massively adds up to the beauty of the entire dollhouse.

    The dollhouse is considered to be a big stress reliever for adults. As said earlier, it can be placed anywhere in your home like on your bedroom side table to make you wake up with some positive vibe. Or placing it on your office work desk can also work if you want your desk to be looking creative and unique.

    The dollhouse can be thought of as an unfurnished cabin and taking it out of the box, it’d take around 20 hours of yours to be fully assembled. The dollhouse contains small pieces which can be hazardous for underage children. Thus it’s recommended more to adults only.

    2. MAGQOO 3D Wooden DIY Dollhouse

    MAGQOO 3D Wooden DIY Dollhouse

    • Finished size: 35*38*48cm/13.78*14.96*18.9 inches

    • LED light,plants, ornament, furniture are quite realistic

    • Miniature scale of about 1:24
  • Assembling is simple and easy with the instructions manual
  • High quality & sturdy material is used for manufacturing
  • Cons
  • Takes longer to assemble, because of the size
  • The MAGQOO 3D Wooden DIY Dollhouse is a sophisticatedly built dollhouse with a classic design. Overall the package includes all the furniture, LED lights, the decorator plants and some ornaments. All these supportive accessories are designed in a way to keep the look of the house classy and give it a realistic look overall.

    Buying the MAGQOO 3D Wooden DIY Dollhouse you get almost everything you need in one main package. It even includes the glue for potentially gluing pieces when assembling or for any piece that is broken. The batteries, however (2pcs batteries) are to be prepared by the consumer themselves. The dollhouse comes with an instruction manual in English.

    The fancy and old-school look of this dollhouse is what makes adults attracted to it. There are numerous places it can be placed at in your homes or workplaces to enlighten the overall look of the place with more visual appeal.

    The MAGQOO 3D Wooden DIY Dollhouse is considered great not just for decoration purposes but also as a good stress reliever. It is to be noted that this dollhouse is specifically for adults. Taking into account the detailed and precise work done on it, it’s not recommended for children to play roughly.

    3. Architecture Model Building Kits with Furniture LED Music Box

    Architecture Model Building Kits with Furniture LED Music Box

    • Assembled Size: (L) 12.2″ * (W)9.0″ * (H) 11.5″

    • Assembly Time Needed:10-20 Hours

    • Very well made and super fun to put together
  • Good manufacturing quality with attention to detail
  • Instructions are clear and shows picture assembly steps
  • Cons
  • Attachment of printing parts to the board can be hard
  • The Architecture Model Building Dollhouse by Rylai store is a perfect example of what an aesthetically graceful and stylish dollhouse looks like. The dollhouse can be considered a smaller version of what a modern-day hut looks like.

    Talking about the structure of the dollhouse, it’s elegantly made with all the elements fixed tightly. Just like the majority of the other dollhouses mentioned in the list, this dollhouse has a precise architecture with good work on the details.

    From the interior of the dollhouse, you find a balcony, bedroom, and parlor.  From a 3-dimension structural perspective, the dollhouse has a body of dimensions; 14.96 x 2.87 x 17.72 inches while it weighs around 4.5 pounds. Also, the miniature scale of the dollhouse is 1:24.

    Putting together this dollhouse is also pretty simple and easy. Most of the material you need for assembling (i.e.: accessories) comes with the set and the other stuff you need is; scissors, tweezers, pincer, or sandpaper.

    Glue and batteries are to be managed by the consumer since they’re not included in the package. Also following the process is easy as the dollhouse comes with a pictorial step by step manual for assembling.

    4. Spilay Dollhouse Miniature with Furniture

    Spilay Dollhouse Miniature with Furniture

    • Finished size is 8.26*6.49*10.23 inches

    • Comes with an extra music box and dust proof cover

    • Material includs; wood, cloth, and paper
  • Unique design compared to other dollhouses
  • The material is sturdy and of high quality
  • Cons
  • Need to prepare silicone liquid glue for assembling
  • Not safe for younger children as it includes small pieces
  • The Spilay Dollhouse Miniature is one of the most uniquely designed dollhouses on the list. It’s not your average dollhouse with just a door and some windows. This astonishing looking dollhouse has a miniature of 1:24 scale, comes in a size of 8.26*6.49*10.23 IN, and weighs around 3.31LB.

    Talking about the structure and the visual look of this dollhouse, it’s a villa on the sea and more precisely can be considered a European style house below which resides the sea. The sea is filled with plants and corals giving a deep yet comforting essence of the atmosphere.

    The dollhouse comes with various accessories and assembling stuff, all of which are made up of high-quality material passed with CE certification. The dollhouse comes with all the accessories shown in the picture and additional features like a music box which adds a romantic and emotionally appealing touch and a dust-proof cover to protect the entire set from all the dirt.

    The manufacturing of the dollhouse includes two things, fiber, and wood. The wood is of high quality and is crafted with precise machine cutting. The fiber, on the other hand, is 100% high-performance polyester. This dollhouse can be the perfect choice for special occasion gifts like birthdays and Christmas etc. And can make great decoration pieces for adults.

    5. Kisoy Miniature DIY Dollhouse Kit

    Kisoy Miniature DIY Dollhouse Kit

    • Finished product size is 12.6* 9.5* 7.5 inches

    • Weight with the package is 3.9 pounds

    • Includes; bathroom, bedroom, reading area, living room, flower shop
  • Each step of assembly is in detail with pictures
  • Details give the dollhouse a realistic touch
  • Cons
  • Fabric material comes with not so good packaging
  • The Kisoy Miniature DIY Dollhouse Kit is a classic style cute looking dollhouse with a lot of artistic material which enlightens its look and visual appeal. All the furniture and accessories you see in the picture are included in the whole package.

    It includes; bed and cupboard in the bedroom, a table and chair in the living room, some plants in the courtyard, and some additional decoration material all over the house. Referring to different areas within the dollhouse, it possesses; a bathroom, a bedroom,  a specified area for reading, a beautiful living room, a flower shop within the house, and an elegantly designed pool table area which adds additional charm to the set.

    Talking about the size of the dollhouse, dimension wise it has a body of 12.6* 9.5* 7.5 inches and weighs around 3.9 pounds. Also just like plenty of other dollhouses, it has a miniature scale: 1: 24.

    The additional items found with the dollhouse set are a music box and a dustproof cover. The music contributes to adding a charming delight while the dust cover preserves the dollhouse against all the dirt. The assembling process can be a little tough and time taking if since it’s a little complicated however once built, it turns into a beautiful dollhouse for adults.

    6. Eoncore DIY Miniature September Forest DIY Dollhouse

    Eoncore DIY Miniature September Forest DIY Dollhouse

    • Material includes; Wood, Paper, Plastic and Cloth

    • Handcraft tools includes; Scissors, Precision, Tweezer

    • Finished Product Size is 10.8″ x 9.2″ x 7.3″
  • Great architectural design for a dollhouse
  • Small detailed features make it look realistic
  • Comes with a simple assembling process
  • Cons
  • Assembling the dollhouse all together can take longer
  • The quality of the beads used is not so high.
  • The Eoncore DIY Miniature September Forest DIY Dollhouse contains a shape an adult would dream of, for a real house. It’s a modern-day house, built on a fancy design, and possesses a set of pleasing decoration features.

    Talking about the design, the dollhouse possesses a bedroom on the top, a kitchen on the ground, beautiful stairs going upwards, and a working desk outside the courtyard. Some additional accessories which add up to the beauty and the aesthetics of the dollhouse overall are; furniture items, plants, lamps/lights, and paintings.

    The material of the dollhouse is sturdy and of good quality. Nothing cheap was used in its making so you can expect it to survive for a long time. The materials used for building it up are; wood, paper, plastic, and cloth. Some handcraft tools used for building the dollhouse are; scissors, precision, and tweezers. Also, the dollhouse comes with a dust-free cover which protects it from all the dirt and filth.

    Referring to the size of the dollhouse dimensionally, it is 10.8″ x 9.2″ x 7.3″ and weighs somewhere around 2.2lb. As a dollhouse designed for adults, its assembling is easy but can take a little longer than average; 24-48 hours in total. Bottom line, it’s a good choice for the price.

    7. Rolife DIY Dollhouse Miniatures Craft Kit

    Rolife DIY Dollhouse Miniatures Craft Kit

    • Post assembling size: 7.7″ X 6.9″ X 6.9″

    • Includes wood, fabric, thread, wire, and other accessories

    • Included is an LED light to illuminate the whole room
  • Themed around gardening and plants
  • All little items look realistic with detailed crafting
  • Cons
  • Tools like jewelers saw and x-acto knife is required for building
  • Assembling can be a little complicated
  • The Rolife DIY Dollhouse Miniatures Craft Kit is not your average looking dollhouse. In fact, it’s not a complete house either. This dollhouse is themed around greens. So ideally it’d make the perfect sense for it to be gifted to or bought by a gardener, hobbyist, or a craftsperson.

    The design of the dollhouse can be described as a single room full of plant pots with some additional accessories like a clock, some tables, and stools, etc. The dollhouse is actually developed to be a flower house or a flower shop. Also at the center interior of the dollhouse, an LED light hangs with the wooden roof, which significantly adds to the beauty and aesthetics of the dollhouse overall.

    Just like most of the dollhouses listed in this post, the material used for this dollhouse’s manufacturing is of good quality and almost no second-class stuff. The dollhouse kit includes wood, fabric, thread, and wire.

    Designing and crafting this dollhouse, a lot of effort has been put in with incredible attention to detail. The goal has been to make the dollhouse as realistic as possible. For example, the drawer handles and picture frames are the perfect examples of how precisely the work has been done.

    This dollhouse can be the perfect gift to your adult friends, for any special occasion like Christmas or their birthday. It’d make even more sense if the gift receiver is into gardening or loves crafting and assembling items.

    8. Flever Dollhouse Miniature DIY House Kit

    Flever Dollhouse Miniature DIY House Kit

    • Finished assembly product size: 7.7 x 8.5 x 12 inches

    • Assembling toolkit includes; scissor, knife, ruler, tweezer

    • Grass and inside floor has cut outs to glue down
  • Lots of interactive mini things to put together
  • Colors and paintings can be changed as you like
  • Cons
  • Getting the outer structure even is hard
  • Here’s another great dollhouse for adults obsessed with gardening, plants and greenery in general. The Flever Dollhouse Miniature DIY House Kit is a dollhouse that not only catches your attention in the very first look but also pleases your eyes with its adorable and charming design and architecture.

    This dollhouse is built as a mixture of various themes blended together. It can be considered an all one, garden, tea cafe, bakery, and most of all a creative gift shop. Breaking down the design, you get to see a sofa and table on one end outside the shop with a small garden to the left. On the other end, you’ll find a chair with a book, and a cup of tea; just a spot for some lovely tea. As a whole, you get all the accessories visible in the image above.

    The interior of the dollhouse looks aesthetic as well as cute with a showcasing table and plenty of desserts. The exterior of the house also comes covered with beautiful flowers, making it a single package of elegance, style, and grace.

    Talking about the size of the package as a whole, it has the dimensions of 13.3 x 9.8 x 3.7 inches and comes in weight somewhere around 2.94 pounds. This dollhouse can be the perfect choice for any adult and is bound to look great irrespective of where you place it.

    9. Greenleaf Fairfield Dollhouse Kit – 1/24 Scale

    Greenleaf Fairfield Dollhouse Kit - 1/24 Scale

    • Comes in solid plywood construction

    • Wrap-around porch and 2 fireplaces built in

    • 6 total rooms with 2 large hallways
  • Good quality and sturdy material
  • Assembling instructions are clear and simple
  • Cons
  • Putting together small pieces needs full attention
  • Punching out the pieces from the package is difficult
  • Another great, yet highly sophisticated, dollhouse for adults is; the Greenleaf Fairfield Dollhouse. From a design perspective, this dollhouse is a 3-story Victorian house with a graceful look of dull colors and first-class crafting with some great attention to cleanliness.

    Just like the design of any Victorian houses, this dollhouse comes with 6 total large sized rooms with 2 large hallways. Other than that, to make the dollhouse look more realistic there are more detailed features that perfectly resemble it the architectural design of the Victorian house. Some of these features are; an aesthetically designed tower chamber, around four beautiful fireplaces, and a wraparound porch.

    The dollhouse comes with ½” scale shingles included in the package. There’s wide and comfortable accessibility all of the rooms and the attic as well. Talking about the dimensional size of the product it is; 15 x 16 x 20 inches and weighs around 9.38 pounds which is pretty heavy compared to other dollhouses for adults.

    The material the dollhouse is made up of is solid plywood construction. The wood used is of good quality and is thus sturdy enough to not be seriously damaged with slight mishandling. Assembling the house isn’t as difficult and can be easily handled with some model building chops and hot glue.

    10. Greenleaf Arthur Dollhouse Kit – 1 Inch Scale

    Greenleaf Arthur Dollhouse Kit - 1 Inch Scale

    • True one inch equals one foot miniature scale

    • Unfinished wood kit with tab and slot assembly

    • Assembled Dimensions are 18″ W x 13″ D x 24″ H
  • Great details in the design & architecture
  • Shingles are included with the kit
  • Cons
  • The wood is a little frail in quality
  • Assembling can take a lot of time
  • This is the second dollhouse in the list that’s built on a Victorian house design. The Greenleaf Arthur Dollhouse Kit is an incredible option for any adult obsessed with a graceful dollhouse built more as a state of the art in terms of the look.

    Talking about the design and the structure of the dollhouse, it comes as an unfinished wood kit with a tab and slot assembling option. In terms of the features, the Greenleaf Arthur Dollhouse Kit possesses good quality silk-screened windows, an incredibly beautiful and wide front porch, and most important of all four large-sized rooms.

    The assembling is usually considered tough for dollhouses of these designs. However, it’s a piece of cake, if you follow the assembling instructions which come along the package. There are two core components of putting this dollhouse together completely; assembling the pieces and painting them.

    For painting, all you will need to get the job done is to have any old acrylic which is usually available in any general art supply store. For the piece’s assembling, one can use Hot glue since it holds up the pieces perfectly. It’s also important to note that the assembling process isn’t much complicated, but still takes a lot of time.


    Finding the ideal dollhouse for adults can be a little overwhelming when there are that many options available. As an adult, it comes down to your specific need with the dollhouse that you’re buying. A few factors you should consider before  buying your dollhouse as an adult is;

    • What type of aesthetic are you looking for in the design?
    • How big you want the dollhouse to be? Think in terms of the number of rooms
    • Are you willing to put in the effort required for assembling?
    • Are you looking for a general dollhouse or an all-in-one?
    • What is your budget for this and what does it mean to you?

    Answering all these questions will indirectly be the solution to your problem. Since every buyer comes with a different need and the dollhouse would mean a different thing to each, it’s always good to assess your exact requirement and resources (in terms of budget) before making the purchase.


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